Teaching Smart People How to Learn

After reading this article, I realized how much of what is said is actually true and happening right now in my work place and i am sure in others.  I never really took notice of the defensive behaviors that occur when employees, sadly to say including myself, are confronted with concerns by managers.  When considering the fact that my daily objective used to be to teach students, the idea that i myself cannot actual learn at work is hard to grasp. 

However, from the article i have learned that it is quite possible to change this defensive behavior not only in my self but with my collegues.  By avoiding the detrimental “single-loop” learning I can start to take responsibilty for my both my successes and failures.  It is not so much that I have avoided taking responsibility for my actions, I have never been required to take responsibility. 

Furthermore, the idea that they we think we behave and how we actually behave is not anew concept to me but one that i have not spent a considerable amount of time to acknowledge.  Even though a person may think they know exactly how and think they are acting in a certain fashion does not always mean that that is the way their behavior is perceived by others. Yes, we think have control of our behaviors.  Yet, after reading this article it is clear that  a more conscious effort must take place both think and act in the same manner.  This article just may be the turning point in my professional life.


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