Customer and Employee Engagement

Today I read two articles about both customer and employee satisfaction.  The first article was about a United Airways pilot who takes his job to all new heights.  All too many times I have been on a flight that was delayed, cancelled, or have had poor customer service.  Customer service is claimed to be most companies number one priority.  However, this is rarely the case.  Yet, some how, Capt. Denny Flanagan has actually managed to keep to that priority by providing services such as 10% coupons, free bottles of wine, free food on delayed flights, and phone calls to parents whose children are flying alone.  Just simple acts of customer satisfaction can go along way.  However, my question is, even after all the hype of this extraordinary customer service, why arent more companies following the trend of simple acts of kindness and why are the majority of people still receiving sub-par customer service? 

This leads to the next article about employee engagement.  The article states that when a company actually engages its employees in both the “hearts and minds” that they actually improved their productivity and “delivered improved customer service”.  From my own experience in the workplace I have seen how much personal lives effect a persons business  and professional life.  A company’s willingness to be open and responsive to their employees needs are what will increase productivity and profit.  Basically, to answer my questions previously stated, all a company needs to do is engage their own employees and a domino effect will ensue.  Both these articles present valid arguments to improve both employee and customer satisfaction, yet as I said before, there still lies a disconnect between the two in the majority of companies.  I pose this question to all who read this, “how do we get the word out”?


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