Southwest Airlines: The People’s Company

Southwest Airlines has well been the epitome of a customer service, low fare organization.  From personal experience I can say that i have always had excellent customer service with fares that were drastically lower than any other airline.  The reason for Southwest’s success with its customers is because of its internal success with its employees.

By constantly satisfying its employees it is able to have the work more, for less money, and with more accuracy and precision.  The company has also stream-lined it entire system by flying to mainly underserved  cities, using only one type of plane, not including on-board meals, make fewer shorter flights, and staffing only what is necessary to get the job done. 

This kind of employee and customer satisfaction can only be the reflection of a motivated and empowering management team.  By not only making their management have one “field day” a month, where they go out and work the front lines, they also create “culture committees” with in the company.  management realizes that the flight itself is not the product they are trying to sell; it is a fun, friendly, creative service that is what they market and continue to successfully produce for their customers.


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