How Good Are You?

This week i read an article about performance reviews.  Basically, it bashed them and all that the mean and do when used by company to rate their employees.  Honestly, I completely agree that performance reviews are negative to corporate performance; limiting the already few pen lines of communications that already exist in the business world. 

Furthermore, those giving the review and those being reviewed take two different positions on their meaning.  How can something that is being interpreted differently be effective?  Furthermore, I believe that performance reviews do not promote growth within and among employees.  If, in the end, most people get good ratings and a slight boost in pay there is really no incentive to work harder or be better than we already are.  From my own personal experience with performance reviews, and being rated on a scale of 1-5, I have fallen victim to the “what can you do better” and “here are the problems I have seen in your performance” comments. 

Although, I am still victim of the performance review, I have made myself aware of how to make changes immediately and address issues when they happen instead of waiting for the dreaded meeting.  I have opened the lines of communication with my coworkers in hopes of creating an environment where everyone is free to make comments and suggestions.


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