Sierra Medical Chemicals

The case study of Specialty Medical Chemicals is one that is seen all to often in companies.  The introduction of a new CEO can be nerve-racking for not only the existing employees but also for the CEO.  With any management change, there arise fears of job security, loyalty, and motivation.  The key however, is for the CEO to try and build open lines of communication with employees and encourage them to be as active in the company as possible.

This is what Carl Burke tried to do at SMC; creating weekly management meetings, talking directly with sales people, research the business industry, and looking for potential growth.  Which is why he brought in Laura Wells.  He was trying to fix whatever growth issue they were having.  However successful they have been in the future, they were not growing.   In my opinion, the first step would be to kick the VP of product development in the butt and make expanding the market to biotech and generic drug companies as soon as possible.  It is a huge market that is being left untapped because they take too long to develop. 

Furthermore, I think that Laura’s approach to a potential restructuring of the company is a smart one.  Basing her analysis off of a person’s work history, psychological analysis, and behavior Carl can get a better understanding of each person individual strengths and weakness.  If carl and restructure the company so that everyone is aware of the personalities they are working and what strengths and limitations each person has, the more successful the people and the company will be.  Overall, I believe that restructuring is essential and that the company will be successful in the future.


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