SAS Institute

After reading the case study about the SAS Institute I am about ready to pack up and head off to Cary, North Carolina.  This is because they are a business of not only equality but one of individual responsiblity.  In today’s business world, it is hard to find and work for a company that has the same goals as your own.  One that stresses the importance of holding yourself accountable and having the intrinsic motivation to do and work to your fullest potential.  SAS is one of those institutions. 

The question that chief executive Jim Goodnight and VP of human resources David Russo are asking themselves is can we maintain this type of organization structure and still be competitive.  In my opinion, they most definitely can.  The have created a culture of trust, fun and one where employees hold some stakes in the company.  Their main philosophy is one that requires the fair and equal treatment of all employees.  Furthermore, they do not believe in performance reviews.  Instead, the top managers are more focused on coaching and mentoring.  Instead of having yearly performance reviews, they actually have quarterly conversations with their employees about their progress.  What? Actual conversations between employees and managers are possible and in fact are showing to be more successful than annual reviews. 

There is also the idea that they have developed a system in which all employees are able to function in successfully.  That is, the company provides their employees with all the necessary tools to do their jobs right the fist time and without much intervention.  The company’s main concern is the satisfaction of their customers and their employees.  They are able to stay successful because each employee knows exactly what their expectations are from the first day of work.  There are no questions about what they should be doing each day, and they have created an environment in which every person sets their own attainable goals and works to their fullest everyday. 

In general, i dont think that Goodnight and Russo have anything to worry about with their company and being able to maintain their growth and success.  They have an extremely low turnover rate, satisfied employees and customers, the ability to promote from within and have quality employee recommendations, as well as maintain a broad and diverse market of products.


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