Team Leaders

This week I read an article about what kind of strategies effective team leaders use to develop new product.  They begin by giving a list of basic things that an effective team leader will need and have.  To simplify those things they are: good communication skills with team members and outside factors, having an internal locus of control or taking responsibility for the goals of the team, actively involving all members of the groups, having a good support system, and a good balance of technical and human interactions . 

However, these teams are not just all the same people from the same department.  They are cross-functional groups, including people from every aspect of the business: engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and production.  These groups are created to work together and develop products faster and cheaper.  Also, a key to this function is that fact theses leaders should be actively communicating with each other about all aspects of the project and divulging pertinent information.  One of the major downfalls to a lot of companies is the fact that each department keeps their knowledge under lock-and-key and dont share information with others whom it might be beneficial to.  These team leaders should be creating an environment that goes beyond the bullsh*t of the office and openly discuss issues.

In general, the article makes great points about how an effective team should look like and function.  The key is to have a group of people from all areas who have the communication skills and leadership abilities to foster productivity and product development.


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