Evidence- Based Management

In this article i saw some reminisce of the previous article Good to Great,in the fact they both agree that there needs to be hard evidence to support the decision management makes for the company.  In this article however, there is more of an emphasis on the actual research side of the decision-making process.  In other words being constantly aware of the things that may affect the business.

The fact is, is that most companies have become so comfortable and engrained with their current culture that it becomes difficult for them to actually venture out and find that information.  In my opinion, if the organization had created a system that actually had people researching to begin with, then the idea of evidence-based research would not be such a mind-blowing phenomena when introduced to a company.  However, there is a fine line between doing your own research and having a unique company and just being a good imitaiton of a successful company.  At no point will the imitation ever be as good as the original.   I definitely think that this idea is a not a revolutionary idea but it is definitely an idea that should be incorporated into the decision making process.


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