Group Think

The article I read this week was about the concept of group think.  Basically, it is the notion that all the people working in a particular group all just simply agreed with the common ideas of the group and did no think outside the box or from a different perspective.  Group think, as stated in the article, can lead to decisions being made that had detrimental effects. 

Without all the information, how can there ever be a clear and factual answer or solution.  The CIA is supposed to be one of the best intelligence gathering organizations in the world.  How can it be that an organization that is supposed to be one of the most well functioning groups in the world, be the biggest users of “group think”.  I think in most companies there comes a time when the people there begin to get complacent with their current work, either because it is not what they want to do, is not intellectually stimulating, or they are just lazy.  However, the company cannot just look beyond this complacency, they must take action and quickly to ensure that the group think is destroyed. 

Not looking beyond what is right in front of you can have serious consequences like in the article on Iraq.  A willingness to actually go and be proactive in a company and find all the pertinent information is what is needed in order to make educated and knowledge decisions.


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