Is it really the good?

I have personally never even heard of the book Good to Great, but what is particularly interesting is how fast a book can become a valuable source for information when there has been no empirical proof that it is true.  Being a person of math and numbers, and wanting a definite answer and reason for everything, I can see why Niendorf and Beck wanted to review the book and its implications on the business world.

The main point is that they have no actual data that supports their claims of the five key components to having a successful business.  Just because current successful companies share some common threads of operation does not mean that those threads are what makes them a success.  There are many more factors that can result in the success of a company.  The key factors that lead to GTG failures in providing evidence was the ideas of data mining and association v causation. 

In both, they neglected to find hard evidence that any situation or event that actually lead to a successful company.  Dont get me wrong, i think that there a definitely some positives that can be taken from this book.  I dont think that i should be completely written off as a book of no value; it should be considered a book with good suggestions and ideas for a company to get a jumping off point.


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