Chapter 10 Readings

I personally found this article on “Dean’s Disease” refreshing.  For years I have been complaining about the current deans at the college I attend and how they abuse their powers.  As the cliche goes, the use them for evil and not good.  This holds true to most people who hold a position of power in my opinion.  They get this power-hungry feeling and cannot let go.  That is not to say that they start out this way.  They usually begin with good intentions and high hopes of making changes for the better.  Yet, that idea slowly gets pushed outside along with most if not all personal values.

This kind of value neglect doesnt only take place with deans and those in education.  It happens with most people in positions of power and higher authority.  However, the true leaders are those who act with integrity, based on knowledge and information.  A good leader is one who is able to recognize their own weaknesses and strengths and also the strengths of those around them.  They use they powers for good and not evil.   They actually care about what they are doing and how it affects those around them.


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