Diamonds in the Data Mine

This week i read an article about how Harrah’s Entertainment has differentiated itself from the rest of the casino crowd.  Coming from a person that actually lives near 2 of the Harrah’s casinos, i thought that this was particularly interesting article.  Although, literally living only 15 minutes away from their casino my entire life, i have actually not spent that much time in the casino itself.  If only I had realized that they provided more than just the gambling atmosphere but a friendly, inviting, and comfortable place to be.

The question I think most people and competitors are asking themselves is “how are they able to be so successful when the economy is not?’  The answer is simple they actually do and use research to develope and promote themselves and the product they are selling.  The product is not only a unique gambling experience but also customer service that sets them apart from the others.  They value people’s long-term worth and not their single visit value.  They pride themselves on spectacular customer service.  They tap into the minds of their customer and analyze their needs, tracking not only their local actions but nation wide.  They create rewards programs that provide the desired incentives to keep the customer happy and coming back.  In generally, they have revolutionized the way people feel while at a casino and what they expect from their visits.


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