Gary Loveman and Harrah’s Entertainment

My previous post is a brief discussion of the accomplishment of one man and groups of employees at Harrah’s Entertainment.  This post will actually go a little more in-depth into how Harrah’s came to be the people’s casino.  Basically, it all started with the risky move by the CEO of Harrah’s Phil Satre to bring in a professor from Harvard Business School with little practical experience under his belt.  However, a change was obviously need and Satre felt that Loveman could deliver.

What Loveman brought to the table was not only his ability to be an effective leader, but also and IS system that effectively determined a marketing strategy to enhance the customers experience at their casinos.  This IS system drew on information about every thing from where they gambled to how much, how long, why they played certain games, and what kind of rewards they were looking to receive.  He was constantly testing and finding new marketing strategies and practices. 

It was also the fact that he was able to successfully rearrange and restructure the Harrah’s culture into one that promoted personal responsibility and individual efficiency.  He did not need to micro-manage the employees because he had created an environment that lended itself to self-motivation and task efficiency.  Overall, although initially a risky move, the outcome of the hiring of Loveman was a complete success.  So far, it has been maintainable; lets just hope that it can last.


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