Treadway in the Trenches

Treadway Tire Company has been a long-standing leading brand of tires.  However, at what cost is being the leading name in tires costing them.  The goal is to make affordable and long-lasting products for their customers.  Yet, time is money and labor is not cheap.  Keeping the employees happy is what is ultimately going to help them succeed in the future.

However, after reading this case study, it is clearly apparent there is little value placed on their employees.  Through a labor union into the mix and you have one messy situation on your hands.  To further perpetuate the company’s fleet morale, those in middle management feel they have little to no control over their workers, not only on the lines but also in the hiring and firing process.  They are just there to make sure that the workers they are given are doing their jobs. 

I think that the key to helping Treadway Tires and Walls boost morale in the company is to give more responsibility to those managers.  By giving them the input about the kinds of people they are hiring they will put more effort into making them succeed because they have personal owner ship in them.  Furthermore, there needs to be more open communication between those who deal with the unions and those who work with the laborers.  By bringing them into the mix, they become more aware of the actions that are being taken within the company. 

In general, there needs to be more straight-talk among the workers at Treadway Tire Company.  With it, they will continue to be a company with low morale and productivity.


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