ACT: Transcending Yourself and Others

The article “Changing Others Through Changing Ourselves” by Quinn, Spreitzer, and Brown initially had me feeling like this was going to be a very interesting article about helping business leaders get beyond typical human functioning and learn how make the office a better working environment.  However, as I delved further and further into the article it became less about the business of business leaders and more about how leaders such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and even Jesus are to be emulated in the spirit of transcending themselves to help others.  It was at this point the article began to lose me in how it relates to current business leaders and practices.

I am not saying that I do not believe that ACT’s 10 principles are not something that business professional can use to begin the process of office change but I do believe that their references to those power and influential leaders was a bit over the top.  Furthermore, for the article to expound all this information about how wonderful these principles are and how they were used by Gandhi, King, and Jesus only to later contradict itself and say that ACt actually leads to failure is misguiding. 

The theories behind ACT do have some validity in the workplace.  There are definitely some core principles in the ACT theory that i do believe can help business leaders transcend the typical business leader persona.  However, the article was unclear as to how to actually apply these skills and make the cross over to the corporate world.


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